Eaglehorn - PHP MVC Framework


A Tiny PHP MVC Framework

Download v2.0


Eaglehorn is a fast, simple and rapid MVC framework. Its not Laravel. Its not Symfony. It allows you to build applications with most minimal configurations. Eaglehorn follows latest PSR standards and uses composer.

Features in v2.0


Now you can attach your classes to event listeners. For eg. you might want to do some preprocessing work before the controller is loaded and a method is triggered.


Eaglehorn now uses Twig as its template engine. It has ton's of features. Dont forget to checkout its documentation.


RedBeanPHP can be used instead of Eaglehorn's inbuilt Model class.

Improved Router

The router class has been improved, yet keeping it really simple. If you are making a small application you can ignore controllers, models etc. Router now provides a callback function to execute your views without using the controller.